I was involved in a car acciden

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I was involved in a car acciden

Hi I was involved in a car accident last year (feb) I was stopped turning right, indicators on and I was hit from behind by a white van he was travelling at approx 50mph, I went to the hospital nothing was broken (thankfully) to cut a long story short I ended up leaving my job (as a bank manager) because I am now terrified to drive I have been diagnosed with PTSD, I have ongoing back injurys I take medication daily I was out of work sick for 3 months and when I did return I had to leave my job due to being unable to drive. My family suffered financial hardship and we ended up moving in with my sister I did get an intern payment which enabled me and my family to rent a new property. My questions are My solicitor seems to be dragging her feet on the claim she takes ages to do anything and we are still chasing my previous emplyer for pay related questions they overpayed me whilst I was out and reclaimed the money but refuse to put it in writing. I have asked her for an estimate time frame to know when the claim will be settled and she said maybe 6-12 months more (she told me this 4 onths ago also) and I have asked what kind of figure I am looking at again she refuses to give me a figure even a ball part. I have been told that I can claim loss of earnings for up to 20 years how is this worked out? At my new Job I get ?5500 less a year will it be the ?5500 x 20? is that realistic? I started working full time again Feb 10th this year and left my old Job September 2007 I did have another job but was there for 4 days before I tripped and injured my back again the medical Dr states that this trip (I tripped over my PJ bottoms) would not have been severe if it was not for the accident. What can I do to speed up the claim? I have been advised to get treatment for the PTSD and I have my first appt Monday comming up but I dont know how long that will be for will I have to wait untill the treatment is settled to be able to get the claim settled? If I am cured at the end does the claim for PTSD go away? I wnat to be able to travel in a cr without crying when I see an accident. Does anyone have a relistic figure I should accept?

Thanks for any help given.