whiplash back an shoulder injurys

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whiplash back an shoulder injurys

I was involved in an accident on the 2nd March this year, i have been off work since then with whiplash back an shoulder injurys, am currently undergoing treatment to sort this out.
I received a letter from my solicitors after undertgoing a medical assessment and they have recomeneded 6 months recovery.
Now they have said that they will ask for ?2k for my injurys and i can ask to settle now, or wait until November when the 6 months is up and then see if my injuries have cleared up etc.
So my question is, what should i do, i've had people tell me not to accept the first offer, but this is isnt an offer, more of a demand.I only have 4 treatments left for physio and cant afford anymore so dont even know if it will clear the problems up, and i could end up being off work still. Could I please your advices?

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You can ask your solicitor to approach the other side for additional physio costs if your med expert agrees this will help your recovery. It is in their interest to pay up if it will result in a faster recovery for you. Apart from that I think you should change solicitors because you need one that specialises in personal injury cases, also if you are not happy with your solicitor you can always complain to the Law Society- presumably that ?2k is in addition to your special damages claim for lost earnings etc. You should be claiming all travel expenses to see the solicitor and for your hospital appointments, if you were working at the time, you can also claim for loss of earnings even if you were temping.