lost incomes as a result accident

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lost incomes as a result accident

Hi, I would like share my problem.Last January I was rear-ended by another car. I contacted my insurance company and my car was fixed, also I was supplied with a replacement vehicle while mine was in repair. So far, so good.I then submitted my claim for uninsured losses...As a taxi driver, my claim included loss of earnings, a trivial ?368.00, plus other incidentals all totaling less than ?500.00. Last I got a decision from my insurance that the third party's insurance company was not responsive to footing any of the bills-Mine, theirs for my car repairs, and the replacement car provided me during the time mine was in the garage and out of service. I seperate my side of the matter from the solicitors brief and pursue my personal small claim in the small claims court against the third party for my damages?? And, would this be advisable?