I was worried about claiming but....

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I was worried about claiming but....

Following my recent accident in early 2009, i was badly injured after a rear end shunt.

i was then involved in another accident in May 09 following an accident on a roundabout.

A friend of mine (lee) put me in touch with the best solicitor i have ever had the opportunity to work with.

My claim for personal injury from the first accident is still ongoing and my solicitor has managed to secure me several interim payments to dat equationg to 3000.00 and it is likely to end in 6 months. they have achieved a full recovery of all of my loss of earnings as well as further travelling expenses and miscellaneous fees.

They explained the difficulty with my claim due to my second accident and explained the effects that the contributions have made to my injuries.

I just wanted to say thank you to my friend Lee and the solicitor he put me in touch with.

When i was lying in hospital with my limbs in casts claiming compensation was the last thing on my mind.

Thanks Again