Hurting knee while using broken tool

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Hurting knee while using broken tool

My girlfriend and I went for vacation time and we rented time-share-lodge. We had wanderfull time but it was chilly in the evenings so we needed to put the fire on the fireplace. One day, somebody from my company called me and informed that it is necessary for me to come over to the company because I forgot about the important meeting with the contrahent from Asia. Of course I had to interup my holidays. My girlfriend decided to stay one day without me as I was suppoed to come back in the evening.
When she started feel chilly in the evening she and her friend who visited her there decided to put the fire. Katy was choping the wood when the axe brought and the piece of wood hit her knee. Her friend couldn't drive her to the hospital as she was after the alcohol and Kate decided to wait for me. The pain was very strong and as she didn't have any medicine she drank some drink. That was the reason why we went to the hospital only the next day.
What we want to claim is the compensation for leaving the broken tool as the equipment of our house. I was refering to the main owner because i had noiced it while I was choping the wood in the first day of comming over there. Do we have any chance?