Life-threatening environment in the rented appartment

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Life-threatening environment in the rented appartment

The accident took place on 22.06.2008 close to the Nottingham. I fall down from the 5th floor. I wasn't sober but in my opinion it had no influence on it. The building was not safe and there were no rambande. We lived on the roof. It were two buildings similar to the conteiners, made of the reinforced concrete. The appartments were furnitured but the important thing to the case is the fact that there was no rambande or balustrade  which could prevent me from falling down. The building was closed by the police just after the accident due to the fact that it was not prepared to let people live in it. I spent 2 monthes in the hospital. The owner of the building visited me only once in the hospital (it was about one month after the accideent took place). Why was I left completly alone? My family and friends, who live in other country were told that it is not certain if I will be alive or even that I am not alive. Only my collegue bought the telephon card for me because I couldn't afford it as I was not given any advance in money from my job. I was left completly alone. They even wanted me to pay for the treatment ?? when I heard the total I was even more depressed.

My injuries: fracture of the base of the skull, haematoma in my head, pneumocephalus, broken small bones next to the spain on the level L1 to I5. Broken sacrum, broken face bones, broken pelvis in few places. - I mentioned only main  injures.

Who should compensate my suffering? Where should I claim?