Not able to work after a trauma

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Not able to work after a trauma

it was an accident in which I could die. The accident occured whirle the pallet (about 1200kg) was transported from the semitrailer into the conrete platform.There was metal bridge fixed to the platform and to the semitrailer. My freind was pulling the pallet with the pallet jack and I was pushing it with the same device. When my friend was on the platform, the pallet on the bridge and I was entering the bridge the accident occured. The bridge fall apart and everything toppled. When the pallet was falling down it hit the back side of the truck. It is certain that if only I had made one more step I would have died in this accident. I realised that it was the negligance because the technical condition of the bridge was very bad and it was reffered to the employer. Fortunately, I was not injured in this accident. The reaction of the manager was terrible. After the accident he came over and he said "good morning". I answered that this is not a "good morning" because of his negligance, economising on everything including the safety of the workers I almost died. There was some raugh exchange of thoughts between my supervisor and the manager. My supervisor said that he was refering the bad condition of the bridge many times and in the answer the manger said that he had no knowledge about it. They started blaming each other. I was standing on the side and I didn't say a word. I didn't even hear simple "I am sorry", noone asked if I am ok. They asked me to go back to work. In the opinion of the manager the broken bridge should be repaired one more time. I was shocked. I felt like a tool not like a humen being. I didn't think much bit I went to the office of the supervisor in order to ask what to do to quit a job. I was answered that I have to write the denouncement and work for another 3 monthes due to the agreement. I informed him that I will do it as soon as possible but at the moment I am not able to work and I went to the doctor. I reffered everything to the doctor who said that I am in shock and he gave me the sick leave due to the accident. As the doctor adviced me I reffered the problem to the work inspection. They told me that the accident was reffered before (probably by my supervisor). The doctor asked me to come back to him on 5.10.2009. He said that I need some time to come back to good psychical shape. If not he will send me to the specialist. Anyway, I decided to help myself before. I found good psychologist and I went there.After that accident a lot has changed in my day-to-day life. I have anxiety depression, I suffer from insomnia, I am afraid of driving a car due to the fact that I can't concentrate (I used to be a proffesional driver for 9 yars), I have no appetite and I lost on weight, I am all th time scared of my future thinking of the costs of life in case of stopping working. So far I had no loosess of the income as I am staying on the sick leave and I am iven 100% of my salary. Anyway, I don't know what the future will bring - I can't stay on the sick leave all the time. at the moment, I can't imagine going back to work, seeing people due to whose negligance I have so big mental problems now. I don't know the law but I think that I there are goor reasons o claim for the compensation in my case. Please, provide me with the opinion. Please, inform me if it is possible to claim in my case.