Loosing vision in the right eye after the employer's negligance

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Harry Hartigan

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Loosing vision in the right eye after the employer's negligance

My work was very hard and the safety rules were not obeyed by the management. I was working on the  production equipment and they didn't provide me with the proper protection clothes. What's more the temperature on the workshop was very low and due to this fact I was permanently ill. Unfortunately, it was impossible for me to stay on the sick leave as I was supporting my family and we really had low income that time. Our situation even worsten after the accident which happened to me.

There was the problem with the electricity on the workshop. The manager decided that there is enaugh light to do the overhaul and clean the production equipment. The foreman asked me to check the glue applicators and to clean them if needed. I had no training to do this kind of thinks and it was not my regular duty. Suddenly the hot adhesive ejaculated directly on my face. As it was very painful and I was shocked I lost the consciousness. Reffering to the words of my collegues I was lying on the production line when the problem with the currency was solved and the machine started working again. Now, the heet came onto my neck and back and my arm was crushed with the press. Only due to the quick reaction of my collegue, who riked his life, I am still alive. He jumped onto the production equipment and pulled me from the danger place.

The ambulance and the manager were called immidiately. The work inspection investigated my case. They also visited me at the hospital and they took records of my statement which I signed. Accidentaly I was infomrd that the employer played down the situation. He sait that noone asked me to clean the aplicators!

As the consequencee  of the accident I am unable to work permanently. I lost vision in my right eye and I have very deep scares on my face, neck and back. I am waiting for the skin transplantation. Due to the fact that the adhesive came into my nose I have seriously affected respiratory system. Furthermore, as my arm was crushed, I had seriouse fravture of my arm and elbow which needs several operations. The nerves were damages and I will not be able to move my arm freely and I have no feeling in my hand.

I am depressed and my life is a nightmare. I need money to support family and for the further treatment. Please, help me.