Hotel Accident

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Hotel Accident

Hi Everyone,

I recently stayed at a hotel and had a very bad slip in their bath tub.

Basically what happenend was I turned the shower on to let the water run and then I stepped in to the tub. The surface of the bath was like glass/ice. I have an enormous bruise and swelling on the inside of my thigh and my whole body is racked in pain.

I spoke to the duty manager who filled in an accident form and was advised that rubber bath mats are availbable on request. I checked the literature in the room and there was no mention of this neither is there a sign wtih this advice at reception.

I was told that the General Mananger would call me but instead I was called by the 'maintenance' man who is responsible for health and safety. All he did was apologise but offered nothing in the way of an explanation as to why the bath surface is so slippery or why there is no signance advising care when entering bath.

I'm not the type of person to moan and whinge, neither am I prone to falling over, but I really feel agrieved at the way the hotel as responded especailly as it completely ruined our weekend away.

I'm not sure if I can escalate this matter and would very much apprecaite any comments or advice.

Many Thanks,