Motorcycle Accident March 2008

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Motorcycle Accident March 2008

Hello.  I was involved in an RTA in March 2008.  I was travelling down a road when a vehicle pulled out of a side road straight in front of me knocking me of my motorbike.  I was able to walk after the accident but was taken to hospital for a check up.  In the accident, I suffered the following immediate injuries. Lower back and neck pain, bruising of the left ankle, bruising of the scrotum, penis and lower back.  I found it hard to walk for a period of time due to the pain.
The insurance company appointed a solicitor which I paid for in my premium.  The third party admitted liability and I was paid out for the motorbike.  The driver of the car was ordered to take a "driver awareness course" by the police.

My Solicitor wrote to me with an offer in the region of ?1500 after a consultants report which they recommended I accept, although they asked if I would like to wait to see if I recover as per the consultants report.  I decided to wait a while.  After a short period of time, my left shoulder started to ache and it became painful to move.  I had a second meeting with a consultant who although he stated that the injury was attributed to the accident, also stated that the x-rays showed signs of degenerative change.  i.e. arthritis, which i was going to get anyway but has been brought forward by the accident by 2-3 years.
I have just had an operation on the left shoulder (Arthroscopic Sub Acromial Decompression) after a final diagnosis of Left Shoulder Impingement.
After the operation, the consultant commented "good news" there is no sign of arthritis in your shoulder at all.  My injury was "probably" caused by the accident.
Prior to the operation, I had two sessions of physio therapy.  Neither of which I was able to complete as a: the pain was worse after the therapy and b: I felt no long term benefits.

My solicitor seems to have no fight (I have literally gone weeks without a reply to be told "I apologise for the over site on my behalf")
The hospital advise that they expect me to make a full recovery in 6-12 months.  That will be 3 years 6 months after the accident.

Can and should I change my solicitor???

Your thoughts are appreciated

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The simple answer is yes you can change your solicitor, and if your legal expenses insurer will not fund your case with one of their non panel firms, then you will probably have no problem getting funded under a no win no fee agreement.

It appears from your post that the issue is not in respect of liability, simply with the amount they feel your case is worth, and to be honest this is quite common as LEI appointed insurers will try and settle as quickly as possible often at a lower value just so that they can get you off their books and get paid themselves.

Speak to a few local firms who specialise in personal injury.  Most will afford you the courtesy of a free initial consultation and give you some honest feedback and opinion, if noot then you are welcome to come back to me and I will be happy to have a chat and see whether we can move things forward for you.