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Re: Car Accident June 2010

I was involved in a severe car accident back in June 2010, It was a Hit and Run. He left me for dead.

I was travelling along A449 on the way back from work where i was travelling at 70 mph a car from the inside lane and came in front of my car within an instant and slammed on his brakes. There was nothing i could do i braked to avoid hitting the car but unfortunately lost control of my car and ended up being a total loss.

I was thrown from my car and went 30ft in the Air and stopped head first into a tree.

Luckily im still alive to tell the story today as i know others have been through the same experience and actually died.

I have sustained a lot of injurys due to this accident 98 stitches to my forehead which resulted in several skin grafts and 120 staples being applied. I went through 10 major operations and each time i though id never make it.

I was transferred via helicopter to Queen Elizabeth Hospital where i was treated really badly.

Im still awaiting on a payment for persoanl injury and loss of earnings as this accident has changed my life forever..

I will never be able to work again because of the result of this accident. Total disfigurment.

I would like to know if anyone has gone through the same experience. Im also suing the hospital for clinical negligence.